e-Moto G3S Scooter

e-Moto G3S Electric Scooter – $1,999

Suncoast Electric Vehicle e-Moto G3S Electric Scooter

The e-Moto G3 – Silicon is the best combination of performance and value in electric vehicles today. Reliable Silicon batteries, along with e-Moto’s controller and motor technology make the G3 standout against the ’50-cc’ style scooter crowd.

The G3 uses a 2,000-watt brushless hub motor capable of powering the scooter to speeds exceeding 34-mph. The 40 amp-hour Silicon battery pack gives the G3 a range of over 30-miles, and can be recharged in 4-5 hours. Like all e-Moto scooter, adjustable shocks with front and rear disc brakes are all standard equipment.

The G3 is available in two configurations. One is electronically limited to 28-mph to allow for operation without a motorcycle drivers license (where available). The other is not speed limited, for properly licensed riders, and in locales where there are no speed limits.


  • 2,000-watt continuous rating
  • 3,000-watt peak rating
  • 3-Phase DC
  • Brushless


  • Silicon Batteries
  • 48-volt
  • 40-Ah


  • Microprocessor based system


  • 54.5” Wheelbase
  • 31” Seat Height
  • 270-pounds


  • Limited Speed Vehicle
  • 28-mph Regulated Top Speed
  • 4-6-hours for total recharge
  • 300 charge-cycle battery life

True Range

  • Mode A: 31 miles
  • Mode B: 25 miles
  • Mode C: 30 miles

*Speed and range figures are subject to variable road conditions, rider weight, and speed. Actual performance may vary.

** Consult your state licensing authority for more details before purchase. Some states may require rider certification.